what plants for amazon river fish tank?

im currently trying to get an amazon theme for my fish tank… dont worry about the size of the tank cos its a really big tank… im planning to get discuss, cardinal tetras, congo tetras and some cory.

any suggestions on what plants i should use for my tank and any other fish i could add on to the tank?

thanks in advance!!

For plants, Swords, Hairgrass, Pennywort, Sagittaria species, Alternanthera species, Bacopa species, Stargrass, Myriophyllum species, Cabomba species, and many of the other common species are Amazonian. However, you'll have to ensure you've got a phenomenal amount of lighting over such a large tank if you want ANY chance of most of those plants growing. CO2 levels, nutrients, and substrate also have to be taken into consideration.

I am very worried about the size of the tank, actually… especially with the first answer recommending a stingray that will get well over a foot in diameter, needing a 6+ foot long tank upwards of 2 feet wide. With Discus, I would recommend you NOT get Congo Tetras, as they are large and active, and will quickly stress the Discus. They will not work well together. Also, Congo Tetras are, as their name suggests, from the Congo… in AFRICA, nowhere near the Amazon. Instead, consider a massive school of Hatchetfish, which will create a spectacular appearance at the tank's surface.

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